Let’s unpack your Long Haul Spa kit:

Each kit comes in its own gorgeous cotton carry bag – perfect to sling over your shoulder or hang off your backpack as you dash through the international terminal.  Hang it off the seat in front of you to keep your kit in easy reach throughout your flight.  Toss your laundry (or shoes) in it later in your trip.

Disinfecting wipes get you to ground zero – wiping down the area around your seat, your tray table, tv remote and most importantly….your hands! 

Dehydrated towels create a bit of inflight magic and help you get ready for you Long Haul Spa experience.

To help pass the time on your flight and to stand by our promise of full transparency, we have included information about all our products and their ingredients in the Long Haul Spa Warrior Manual.  You can read up on each ingredient and why it is so fabulous for your skin. 

Your spa kit essentials are contained in a beautiful Louenhide vegan cosmetics bag - you can choose your favourite from our range.

And to make sure your movement through airport security is quick and easy, we’ve also included a 1 litre ziplock bag in accordance with airport security regulations, for those locations where all cosmetic products must be displayed to security personnel.  

We’ve really thought of everything to make your long haul flight something to look forward to!  After travelling with this clever kit, you’ll emerge from the plane looking fresh and dewy and feeling relaxed and ready to take in everything your new destination throws at you.