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COVID updates - scaremongering? Or useful?

by Long Haul Spa |

We’ve got eagle eyes on any piece of information that affects the travel industry - did we mention that already? Various tidbits of news, offers and downright odd things find their way into our inboxes via a diverse range of travel-related newsletters. Unsurprisingly the general theme has changed drastically over the past year, from things like, “pack your thongs… Bali is set to be muggier than usual this year” to the current wave of scaremongering, “do not travel to Spain: COVID cases on the rise again.”

The thing we can’t quite come to terms with is the sheer volume of COVID-related information that comes flooding through these channels. On the one hand we’re eagerly awaiting the good news that it’s all magically disappeared and the world can return to normal, but on the other, we’re also tentatively keeping half an eye on the rest of the world and wondering how you’re all doing out there. 

Does it affect us, here at Long Haul Spa HQ on the Sunshine Coast of Australia, to know that New Zealanders now have to return to compulsory wearing of face coverings on public transport in Auckland? Not really, no. But we’re still interested because a) we feel that another country going through some similar sh*t is worth keeping up with, and we’re a company with ties all over the globe. Our people are doing their daily grind in Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, England and right here in Brisbane. We’re a company born from the travel industry. We care a lot - a big lot - about what the heck is going on elsewhere. 

But that’s just us - is it the same for you? Or are you happily minding your own local beeswax in the bubble you’re currently living in? We get it. But while you’re resting up and plotting your next move, why don’t you treat yourself to some Long Haul Spa goodness? We might be biased but we hear this stuff is pretty magical on your skin. Shop now!