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Over washed and sanitised hands?  Here are some tips to protect your paws.

by Christine Keeling |

What is all that hand washing and sanitising doing to your hands?   You know it - dry skin, crispy cuticles and hands that look ten years older than they did 4 months ago.  Why?  Well for one thing, all of that hand washing means…. hand drying, and hand drying - especially with an air dryer - not only dries your skin, it dries out your skin.  Add to that alcohol-based hand sanitisers (at least 60%) that we are using a dozen times a day and the fact that it is winter for the bottom half of the planet and you have a recipe for disaster.

What to do?

  1. Hand lotion - and lots of it.  Obvious, I know, but indulge in a few of your favourites and put them everywhere - in your car, purse next to the sink…. And use it!  I keep one in the cup holder in my car and use it when I am stopped at red lights.
  2. Gloves - you can buy already “charged” gloves that have moisture components in them, or you can just get a pair of cheap cotton gloves, slather on the lotion and put the gloves on (find them in the cleaning aisle of your local supermarket).  Wear them to bed or while you are binging Netflix.  (Tip - this also goes for your feet - put on a heavy lotion or creme and a pair of socks - you’ll be amazed at how soft your feet get!)
  3. Facial Oil on your cuticles.  I use the Rejuvenating & Protecting Facial Oil from our Long Haul Spa kits for a lot of things besides my face - like my cuticles.  On a flight, I rub it into them whenever I have it out. At home, I keep it beside my bed and use it as part of my nighttime ritual.  I also use it on my hair to reduce frizz and flyaways!
  4. Avoid hand dryers where possible.  If there is another option try and use it.  Hand dryers don’t just dry the moisture on your skin they dry out the moisture in your skin.
  5. Look for a hand sanitiser that has Aloe Vera or other moisturising ingredients. You will still need to moisturise but the effects of the sanitiser won’t be quite as harsh.

So remember - wash those hands frequently for at least 20 seconds (if you are unsure of the technique, give this a watch ), use hand sanitiser before and after touching public surfaces and treat your hands to a beautiful lotion.  They deserve it.