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Long Haul Spa at home

by Long Haul Spa |

We’ve had some awesome feedback about how our little long haul packs went on holidays for themselves this past festive season. Even if it was a staycation... destination: lounge.

The great thing about our lovely little kits is that they are perfect travel companions. So for those of us who were able to take a little jaunt from home, we hope you took along your LHS kits and enjoyed having AMAZING skin while out and about. We sure did! Since it’s summer in our part of the world, we may or may not have used the cooling eye balm to cover a full face of sunburn thanks to a little trick we like to call ‘falling asleep in the sun, don’t tell my doctor….’ Oops.

Despite worrying about yet more wrinkles appearing where there were none before, we had an ‘ah hah’ moment about the magical goodness of the products our kits contain. 

We know that we’ve praised their goodness before, and that we’ve sold you on the idea of having kits as travel companions, but let’s take a moment now to talk about at-home day spa kits. Yep, you guessed right. Same kits!

It makes so much sense. New year, new you. But if you can’t get out and get the facial that really helps to elevate this feeling of motivation, Long Haul Spa has you covered. Learn more about the contents of our kits here. Treat yourself to great skincare and spa treatment at home if you can’t go out. Or shout one to a good friend or family member who’s not had the best Christmas. Free International Shipping! If they have time to kill, they’ll love the luxury of a DIY pampering session. Of that, we’re sure!